Girls Weekend

You know those friends who know your life story? The ones who know that you get impatient when you're hungry, and that you take long showers, and that you are an early bird no matter how late you stay up, and that you prefer beer to wine? Yeah. Those friends. I love those friends.

A couple weeks ago, I got together with two of em in Des Moines, after our rescheduled Girls Trip was forced out of Omaha by Warren Buffett and the Berkies. (No, we will not pay $400 for a hotel, Mr. Buffett, even if you did send me a personalized note once.)

I've been best friends with these girls since we were 10. Through high school:


Through college:


And into adult/mommyhood:

These girls are still the girls I turn to about big life decisions, small ones, when I need a laugh, when I need to cry, when I need to call someone on the way home from work so I don't lose my sanity listening to the Frozen soundtrack for the 472nd  time.

I won't go into detail about everything we did. (Those bills from the Gap and Limited will do that for me in a couple weeks.) I will hit ya with the highlights though. Here are the things I'll remember most:

-spending the two hour drive to Des Moines talking about the eating habits of our children
(not sure if that's impressive or sad)
-being greeted by these plants, chocolates and champagne on ice waiting at Cari's aunts place where we stayed on Friday
(Cari's aunts are the BEST, no offense to mine ;)

-staying up super late reading all the notes we sent each other in high school
(yes, I inherited my mom's hoarding tendencies and kept all my notes from high school)

It was hilarious to read what our 17-year-old brains were thinking about. And a little lame. But Ericka's poetry had me laughing so hard I could not speak. "Why does life have to suck?"

-getting ready with NO INTERRUPTIONS by little people
-eating breakfast WHILE IT WAS STILL HOT
-buying clothes FOR OURSELVES

If I'm making it sound life we weren't missing our children, sorry I'm not sorry. While we talked about our kids a LOT, we also had a blast.

-eating a late lunch at Coach's Pizza in Des Moines (yummm)
-Cari taking this pic and then proceeding to spill Ericka's and my beer all over herself and the ground when she bumped the table 

-mani/pedis or the lack thereof
-drunk shopping and dancing in the dressing room (I will not reveal who this was.)
-gorging on dinner at Court Avenue Brewing Co.
-not having a White Russian, not at all

-feeling OLD at Beer Can Alley
-not caring
-wishing girls had more clothes on and worrying about the ones who looked too hammered to stand
-realizing we are in our 30s!
-taking a cab home even though we didn't need it
-breakfast with my other BFF and her daughter

-wishing we had more time
-driving home to see and squeeze our babies

No matter how many years or miles pass by, these girls have been, are, and will continue to be my best friends. Can't wait to take another pic in 7 years!