Things a Big Sister Says

(upon her cousin arriving at the hospital to visit our newest family member, Faith made the introductions)
"This is Gabby... and this is my 'nola (granola) bar."

Faith to me: "Do you have a new baby in your tummy?"

(in reference to Gabby being a newborn)
Me: "Faith, do you remember when you were this little?"
Faith: "And I ate your boob?"
(Let's just say there's lots of nursing going on in our house right now.)

(while changing one of Gabby's diapers)
Faith: "Her butt is yellow!"
(during the same diaper)
Faith: (moving away from Gabby) "My sister is stinky."

And now for some random Faithisms...

Me: "Faith, you are so brave!
Faith: "I am NOT Brave (the movie character).

Me: "Faith, what are your favorite things?"
Faith: "Cupcakes, rainbows and Oreos, too...and you."
(For the record, I have no problem ranking behind Oreos...they're that good."

Me: "Go wake up dad and tell him 'Happy Tuesday.'"
Faith: (runs into our bedroom and gets in Rob's face) "TUESDAY!"

(after I told her I wouldn't read another book during bedtime)
Faith: "I want a new mommy."

Rob: "Faith, finish your green beans or no dessert."
Faith: "Ohhh, what's for dessert?"

(playing with her toys)
Faith: "The mad queen took Ariel! (evil laugh)

(Faith has a new tactic when she gets in trouble of trying to distract from the point)
Me: "FAITH! NO!" after she tried to do an underdoggie with Gabby's swing -thankfully Gabby was not in the swing at the time.
Faith: "There's a bug on the ceiling."

Faith: "I have a pink and purple puppy dog."

Faith: (after every performance in our living room)
"Clap for the beautiful girl."

(and my personal favorite)
"I like my fam- u- lee!"

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