23 things about Gabby Grace

We interrupt your regularly scheduled birth story to bring you 23 things you need to know about Gabrielle "Gabby" Grace Lindquist!

1) She's a blondie. Blonde eyelashes and blonde hair when it's freshly washed. Some say it has a tint of red -- luck of the Irish I guess, but I can't wait to see what it looks like as she grows.

2) Girl was born was with manicure-ready nails...we've trimmed them twice and they've already grown back...time to break out the polish.

3) She burps like a man after chugging a liter of soda!

4) Her days and nights are all mixed up. She likes to nap all morning and party at night.

5) She nurses like clockwork. And the intervals get closer and closer together the more tired I get.

6) Her eyes are big, blue and beautiful. I love gazing into them.

7) I would describe her demeanor as content. Unless she's hungry, hungry or hungry, she's pretty happy!

8) My lil gal has already taken to binks. I bought a bunch of different ones to see which one she liked the best and struck gold on the first try with Nuks...same kind her sis liked.

9) Her big sister is enamored with her. "Can I hold her?" "Can I see her eyes?" No jealousy to report yet, and I have a running list of funny big sister sayings that I'll have to post soon.

10) Getting a bath is her least favorite activity. Probably because I got water in her eyes the first time. My mom captured it all on video. Not sure if her asking if she should shut off the camera and get a towel is the funniest part or if it's Faith eating an earbud in the background amidst all the chaos.

11) She smells good. And like any new mom, I even think her $#!* don't stink. I love changing diapers -- those of my own offspring only of course!

12) Gabby loves to be swaddled and snuggled against someone's chest. If that chest happens to come equipped with food, even better!

13) She's starting to squeak and coo -- it's pretty much adorable.

14) Though she developed a little jaundice toward the end of her hospital stay, she didn't need treatment and her color looks perfect these days. Notice the difference in these two pics.

15) Everyone says she looks like her sister, and she does to a point, but from the moment she was born I have been loving all their differences!

16) We're not sure how Gabby feels about baby crack, partially because Faith hid the toy somewhere and we can't find it!

17) She's quite the diva, getting at least four outfit changes a day if she spits up, but dressing an infant never gets old!

18) Her hunger cues are so obvious she might as well be able to talk.

19) This might be TMI, but girl can go for two days without a present in her pants, and then leave the gift to end all gifts -- let's just say I won't be putting mustard on anything for awhile!

20) She's starting to get the eye goop in her right eye that her sister got at the exact same time. The good thing about this time is that I'm not freaking out -- as much!

21) My peanut was one ounce from her birthweight at her 12 day checkup so I'm hoping she tips the scales at 8 pounds by week three.

22) This isn't really about Gabby as much as it is about me, but I could stare at her and hold her all day! With Faith, I worried so much about everything and just her getting bigger, etc. that I didn't really cherish her newborn-ness. I thought since Gabby is our second-born that she would get the shaft on many things (hand-me-downs, fewer photos)  but her version of mom is much more laid back and appreciative of who she is right now, it makes me happy for her.

23) Gabby has made me realize I don't think I want to be done with this whole having babies thing... (surprise, Rob!) and yes, I did just say that out loud. (Calm down, mom!) Seriously though, we're kind of good at it, wouldn't you agree? ;)

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