A He or a She, A Him or a Her?

Dear baby #2,
First of all, sorry I don't have a better nickname than baby #2 at this point. I've never been a fan of "the bean" or something weird like that. And since we don't know if you're a he or a she yet, we can't really pick a name at this point, not that your dad and I agree on anything anyway.

So, I feel like this blog hasn't done you justice and instead is a constant stream of stuff your sister says or does. Sure, she's cute, and pretty hilarious as you'll soon come to find out, but you deserve some positive press yourself.

We had our 20 week ultrasound yesterday. You did not want to cooperate with the ladies trying to take pictures of your face and instead buried your head in my placenta pillow -- hope that's not too embarrasing for you. Being a worrier, I had a lot of anxiety going in to the appointment, even though you've been providing me with plenty of kicks to let me know things are going well in the womb. I cried just sitting in the parking lot. That's when it hit me. The reason this pregnancy hasn't seemed real to me is because I can hardly believe how much God has blessed our family. Working in the medical field -- and knowing about so many things that can go wrong -- it makes one well aware that babies are a miracle and that means you too. The minute the ultrasound tech turned the machine on and I saw you, I knew that no matter what they said from there on out, I was going to love you no matter what.

I guess that brings me to my point. Why we wanted to find out your gender. Some people find out because they want to decorate their nursery blue or pink. Some find out so they can decide on a name. That's not why we're doing it. After my miscarriage, I yearned to know more about the baby I lost. I want to know as much as possible about you as soon as possible. I feel like it allows us to have an even stronger bond if I can picture you in the living room with the rest of us on Saturday mornings.

In just a few short hours, we will know for sure if you'll be a Robbette or a Nicholas (don't worry, I promise you won't be a Robette if you're a girl). Faith will bite into a cupcake that will have pink or blue filling on the inside and we will know if we're bringing home a boy in blue or a girl in pink on May 29. I cannot wait to know more about you today, and learn more about what makes you you when we bring you home. For now, stay comfy in there and just know that we loved you before we even officially met.

Here is one of your first baby pictures!

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