The Ouch Report

I remember the first time I received an "ouch report" from daycare. Faith was on the receiving end of a bite. To sum it up, I was horrified. What kind of daycare was this? How could they let such debauchery go on? What sort of evil little person tries to take a chunk out of their "friend's" arm? Well, I quickly learned this is very common and that I better not get too offended as someday Faith might be the one administering the pain.

After yet another ouch report last week, I decided to count all my red sheets. (Yes, I have them all in a drawer --have you met my mother? She has every piece of paper I ever thought about scribbling on).

Without further ado, I present to you the highlights of Faith's 11 "ouch reports."

got stuck between a swing seat and the counter -- really, how does this happen?


fat lip -- fell off a turtle seat (you can't make this stuff up!)


"small" scratch -- I'll be the one to determine that, thank you.


scrape --"Faith was running and fell." (got her coordination from her dad)


red mark on her head -- "Faith was running, tripped and hit her head on the wall." (OK, even I laughed at this one).

bite --her friend didn't want to hold her hand during "Ring around the Rosie." (might I suggest a teething ring?)

The call came a couple weeks ago. As per the usual, my heart stops every time my daycare calls me. I tentatively answer and they usually tell me that I need to remember to bring wipes. Well, this time they quickly told me that Faith was fine, but that she had scratched a little boy and it was "pretty bad." They asked if they could clip her nails. I apologized profusely for something I didn't do and gave permission for them to clip her nails. Now I knew how the parents of the biters felt. It was not a good feeling. How could someone who looks so innocent do anything like that?

I'm guessing it was time to show the biters who's boss!


  1. Our "incident reports" are very similar! Isn't it amazing how fast those little finger nails grow?!

  2. Yes! I had JUST cut them. Glad to hear I'm not alone with the ouch reports :)