A Mo'Rockin Good Time

Sometimes ya gotta stop and smell the ro...cks.

A step by step tutorial by Faith Lindquist.

First you wait for a beautiful day in March, when there's no snow on the ground. (Say what?)

 Then you put on your brand new, white tennis shoes.

 Next, you gaze in wonder about the weird, hard thing you just found on the ground.

Then you look back to make sure you didn't grab the wrong one.

 And you realize your short legs won't allow you to take that step without a sliver involved and you ask your mommy for help.

 You repeat this process 32 times, or as many as necessary, each time saying "Mo Rocks."

 Don't forget to look adorable and melt your mom's heart in the process.

 It didn't happen unless someone took a picture of you standing by said rock pile.

Dudes, stand back and admire your work.

Over a cold glass of -- chocolate milk.

The End.

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