Halfway Home...oh $#%! my resolutions!

It's been six months since I proclaimed my New Year's resolutions to the 16 people who follow this blog and the 2 others who reluctantly come upon it searching for videos of babies laughing and puppies playing with said babies.

How am I doing...well, glad you asked or this would be a really short blog post. First, let's recap.

1) Be more like Faith, and Howie.
Yeah, this was a grand idea in theory, but I'm completely happy being toilet trained. I also enjoy staying up past 7:30 p.m. and having thumbs. However, I do learn from these two each day. Faith teaches me to lighten up and laugh at things that aren't funny just because you can and Howie teaches me the art of forgiveness. We can yell at him one minute for chewing up unmentionables and the next he's like a drunk college girl the morning after..."Yeah, I don't recall that at all."

2) Be less like a sailor.
I was doing good. I really was....and then I left my phone on top of my car and drove away. Upon figuring this out, returning the scene of the crime and discovering no phone, I let out a string that made up for the approximately 279 words I didn't say during the Lenten season. Seriously, it was King's Speech bad. Turns out a lady picked up my phone off the ground, text Rob to let her know she did so and arranged to meet me the next day. Ah hell!

3) Be healthier. 
I wrote down the foods I consumed for about 4 days. Then I lost interest. I would love to get my tum tum looking like it did on my honeymoon, but it would still be bright white as I'm anti-tanning. I think I'll just eat some more peanut M&Ms and shop for muumuus online instead.
(True story: I wore a muumuu to school for Hawaiian day in high school. Still not sure how someone didn't snatch me up back then).

4) Be a better wife.
Rob would be a better person to answer this, but I have good days and bad days. I do get up with Faith in the morning to let him sleep in an hour or so before he starts his shift with his daughter as a stay-at-home daddy. And what a wonderful stay-at-home dad he is. Remind me of this during basketball season.

5) Be a dam runner.
By now you probably know about "The Slowpitch Softball Tragedy of 2011" in which my trusty rusty softball skills failed me and a ball collided with the top of my foot. To which I said, "That's gonna leave a mark." Actually, it was more like poundsignquestionmarkstarexclamationpoint, but that's neither here nor there. Anyway, after the run, I had the nerve to drop a pan lid on the exact same foot, you guessed it, the exact same spot the softball hit it. Insert King's Speech style swearing. Nonetheless, I hope to be a true Dam runner next year on our 5 year anniversary :)

6) Be aware of my appearance .
I do more than just mousse my hair these days. A new mom cut helped with that as well as the fact Herbal Essences started making a really crappy bottle and they've broken on me twice. Riveting stuff I know.

7) Be a more frequent blogger.
Jan - June 2010 = 30 posts
Jan - June 2011 = 31 posts
I win.

8) Be a girlie girl.
I did go on a shopping extravaganza in March with my cardigan sisters, Kaylee and Nicki. I'm hoping we can make it an annual event. Jazz on the Green is coming up, so wine and cheese dates with Jaime and Cari will be a must. I want to be better about getting together with my sistas for lunch too. Anyone else who is a friend of mine or is crazy enough to want to be, feel free to invite me places sans baby. I promise to only talk about Faith's pooping habits for the first half hour.

9) Be in the moment more.
I am getting better at this though I wish there was a pause button for parents.

10) Be-lieve in the power of prayer.
It's a little distracting when your 1-year-old is throwing cheerios while your trying to listen to a homily, but we get to church on Sundays. I'm still doing a lot of baby-related praying for people, but know I could do more. There are so many kids, parents and parents-to-be who could use a prayer so I hope to make that a part of my daily routine.

11) Be me. And love me for it.
I have insecurities, doubts, and doubts about my insecurities, but I'm also grateful for what God gave me, in mind, body and spirit. On that note, it's time to give myself a hug. Whew, that made it really difficult to type ;)

I better start thinking of some new resolutions now!

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