The Birthday Party...A Picturiffic Post

Faith's 1st birthday party was chaos, fun, standing room only, colorful, Mexicana, messy, goodness. 
I let the pictures do the walking, which Faith is also very close to doing. Yay/OhNO!

The Decorations:
Party guests wrote messages for Faith to read when she's older and received their lovely picture parting gifts.
My sticky note Happy Birthday sign. Faith enjoyed it for 3 weeks after the party as I was too short/lazy to take it down.
One month, six month and nine month pics.
Her baby book as well as - you guessed it- a complete binder put together by my mother were on display.
These balloons weren't exactly the colors I wanted but nonetheless gave all the little kids neck cramps.
Party Guests: Click the link below for video.
See who was there! In order of appearance: Aunt Bobbi, Grandma Cindy, Aunt Ashlie, Cousin Kylee, Great Grandma Alice, Rob's Cousin Brad, his Wife Alicia, their Son Brayden, our Godson Bentyn, Swingset setter upper Lance, my Uncle Joe, Grandpa Bud, Aunt Kris, Aunt Mary, Aunt Donna, Grandma Jocelyn, babysitter Hannah, Gnarly Cousin Kyrin, Cousin Cameryn, Aunt Nicki, Cousin Kalli, Auntie Rach, babysitter Mandy, yours truly, Uncle Chris, Papa Stevie, bald-headed Jackson, Cousin Cam again -that girl moves, Granny Janny, the birthday girl, more me, Elena the funniest 5 year old ever, the back of Audrey's head and Howie!

Faith's cousin Cameryn celebrates her birthday just 10 days before Faith.
Kylee gets ready to float away as Rob Lindquist shoves his face full of food in the background. (You're welcome hun).
Party planner extraordinaire, Miss Rachel McNamara.
If it weren't for her, the cake would've had a giant donuthole filled with a frosted shot glass...don't ask.

Faith and Aunt Ashlie, my trusty balloon separator.
Crazy runs in the family, folks!Thanks again to my mama for hanging those lovely curtains you see here the day before the party.
My adorable helpers, from left, Audrey, Elena, Miranda!
Chaos ensued!
Howie loved it!
Here is the special illustration I had done for Faith's birthday card from e Custom Cards.
Here is a larger version of what was inside that box.
More gifts via video:
Faith shaking her butt to the tunes of her activity table from Aunts Rachel and Ramey.

Faith playing with her toys from Granny Janny.

Faith mailing some letters in her mailbox from Uncle Chris and cousins.

Faith taking money out of her purse from Aunt Cari and refusing to talk to her grandma on her fake phone.

Faith helping people on the bus from Uncle Aric, Aunt Nicki and Cameryn.

Faith swinging in her swing on her swingin' swingset from her Grandma Cindy and putter together, Lance.

More gifts:
Teaset from Grandmas Mc and Finch. This probably won't come out of the box until Faith's terror threat level drops hence the Google image.

Saucer on swingset from Grandma, card (that will never ever be thrown away) from Aunties and shoes from Sara and girls.
Sleepy little violet from Liam and his parentals, Jeremy and Brynn

Shoes from Aunties - they pretty much spoil Faith rotten.
For those of you whose gifts are not in any of the pictures above, I apologize. Either you'll see a picture of her in an outfit you bought on this blog or Facebook. And if you were so kind as to give cold cash or a giftcard, it went to purchase the carseat you see pictured here and another one in Rob's car so he can still pic Faith up from daycare when he goes back to school.

Last but not least, CAKE!
Homemade cupcakes baby! And the buckets in the back - purchased at the $1 spot - held the taco toppings.
The calm before the storm.
And she's in!
What I couldn't do at our wedding, Faith did for me.
Guilty. As. Charged.
Til next year.

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