So, a man walks into a bar. He sees stars. He sees his child and wife. He realizes the bar he walked into should not have been in the middle of the baby's room. (ba dum) So my corny jokes will never be redesigned; but the blog has... obviously.

It took four long hours of deciding what I want, deciding what Nic wants, changing what I want, figuring out that what we both want doesn't want to work, and wanting to settle on this... after four hours. I suppose we didn't "settle" on it, we just agreed that we both liked it enough to use until I'm summoned to change it again. Now that baby Faith is controlling the life as a Lindquist, we are going to make it a simpler design (simpler is relative to everyone who didn't spend four hours on it).

So redesign... to the right you'll see the lovely sidebars, and to your left is some space. If you look off into the distance, you'll see another corny joke coming.

Think about this though. You can redesign a lot of different things: your look, your house, your attitude, etc. Sound familiar? Especially this time of year? I'm talking about resolutions people. So I want to take a minute, just sit right there, I'll tell you how I became a prince of a town called Bel Air (I didn't even have to look up those lyrics).

During my redesign, I realized (more than ever) that I'm sometimes not the greatest person in the world. I know, hard to believe. Nic called me Oscar. I also suck at waking up early. You'd think that with a now six-month-old, morning basketball practice, and the fact I've been getting up at relatively the same time for five years that I would be used to getting up early? Nope, not this stubborn mule.

So resolution/redesign number one? Not be a bear in the morning. Number two? Cut down on lists.

I have the most wonderful, understanding, considerate wife... so I should probably act like it. Hopefully, it started today. I woke up (with little to no resistance) and fed Faith (after Nic warmed the bottle and changed the diaper) and let Nicole go back to bed for an hour and a half (even though she was supposed to be up at 7:00am). Hey, it's a start!

Happy New Year (again)


  1. I like that this is tagged "corny joke." ;-) I don't know if you ever read this blog, but she has great suggestions for making mornings easier (and for lots of other things, it's a great blog).

  2. Thanks Marcie, I just checked that out. Looks as though I might have to keep going back :)