Meet the Team

As Hillary Clinton once said, "It take a village to raise a child." Meet our Village. By no means is it all- inclusive. Aunts and Uncles were replaced by their much-cuter kids, many cousins were left out and several friends aren't on the roster below, but we still appreciate them all very much! 

As Faith marks her big 6-month milestone today (Merry Christmas Eve), we thank God we are blessed with everyone who has been there for us this past half-year. It seems like just yesterday she was born!
Here's to the next 6 months sure to be full of fun! Life as a Lindquist is good. Now meet the team.

-sings “Hey Soul Sister” when Faith is fussy
-has a knack for ignoring morning wake up calls from his daughter
-not sure if Faith is laughing at or with him

-the crazy lady behind the dorky videos
-in charge of “groceries”
-falls asleep at 8 p.m.

Granny Janny
-the mom’s mom
-they don’t call her a grandma hog for nothin’
-tries to feed babies mashed potatoes

Papa Stevie
-calls his granddaughter lil Rob
-loves to compare Faith to Cam
-the only person who still plays with Howie

 G’Pa John
-thinks Faith is the cutest baby in “history”
-delights in Cubs-themed photos
-saving for his granddaughter to go to law school

Grandma Mac
-finder of adorable bracelets
-Santa's famous stocking stuffer
-enjoys boring people with excessive photos of Faith

Grandma Cindy
-likes grandaughters on her lap
-gave birth to a pretty cool guy herself
-spoils babies at Christmastime

-cute cousin and knows it
-will hopefully teach Faith to put herself in timeout like she does
-terrified of Santa Claus

 Auntie Rachel
-never turns down a date with her niece
-Faith’s paparazzi
-loves buying girlie clothes

Auntie Ramey
-calls herself the “baby whisperer”
- grossed out by spit up
-prefers babies with strong necks

-chief cousin in command
-always the first to do things
-looks exactly like her daddy when she cries

-keeps Faith’s mom sane during basketball season
-calls Faith “lilly,” “nugget” and “peanut”
-plans to corrupt her

-will probably buy Faith a tutu
-won’t ever tell Faith stories from when her mommy was in college
-can’t wait for Faith to be her flower girl

-photographer extraordinaire
-hopefully less afraid of children since she met Faith
-enjoys conversations with kittens and infants

-future prom date
-saw Faith naked on their first date
-total mama’s boy

 Dr. Loucks
-makes the nurses give Faith her shots
-calms parents' fears about odd syndromes
-best pediatrician on the planet

-the hander of hand-me-downs
-grows at the speed of light
-can’t wait to boss Faith around at family gatherings

And last only because he weighs the least, Howie
-dog whose life’s mission is to destroy all pacifiers
-licks babies into submission
-looking forward to solid foods more than anyone

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