Oh What a Difference a Month Makes

Things Faith has accomplished in the last month:

-Rolling over...girl's got skills, it only takes you turning your head for her to get from her back to her tummy!

-Laughing....hearing her giggle is like ice cream for the ears.
(I've tried to capture it on video...#Mom fail. I'll spare you the high-pitched unsuccessful attempts. This is Faith covering her ears after one aforementioned attempt).

-Spit bubbles galore...she sticks her tongue out at her dad all the time. Way ahead of her time.

-Talking like the babies on the E-trade commercials...OK, not quite, but she babbles a LOT!
(You've already seen video of that, so here's a cute pic instead).

-Reaching for toys, and toes ...and then putting them directly in her mouth. Oh, let the fun begin.

At her 4-month checkup on Wednesday, Faith weighed in at 12 pounds, 2 ounces, up three pounds from two months ago. She's still a peanut for her age, but doc is not concerned and neither are we anymore, finally. Now what do we worry about!? (knock on wood). She's still abnormally tall, hanging out with the 87th- percentile-for-height babes. Hopefully it's a lifetime membership.

All in all, life as a baby Lindquist is good. And it's not too shabby for the parents of one either. Rob and I got out of the house sans Faith a few times this month.

Once for an Iowa State game (how bout those Cyclones by the way!)

Once for Matt and Jen's wedding. Too much fun dancing. (I still got it in case you were wondering :) And so does Rob, although he tends to lean a little too heavily on air instruments. Proof.

And once last Thursday to see Damon Dotson, our favorite acoustic guitar player, at the Slowdown. Some people ooze cool. Damon is one of those people. Rob and I...not so much.

Thanks to all of our babysitters for allowing is to get out as a couple. We need it, even though we spend most of the time talking about Faith anyway. She's just so damn cute. And so is her cousin Kylee. The two of them together...well, let's just say your computer might blow up from too much cuteness. I'll just sign off now in case it does...


  1. In my own defense, I wasn't the only one playing air-instruments. Although, I do rock it. Pretty hardcore.


  2. She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It's so fun watching them change and learn all sorts of new things. Just wait until she starts giving you kisses and saying "love you".

  3. Thank you so much! Can't wait for those moments you mention. Being a mom is the hardest, yet best job ever!