Week 36 Update and Ramblings

Well, the nursery is finally done. I think. Nicole and I have done a lot today to kind of finish things up. Yes, we have 4 weeks (and counting) to go, but we wanted this stuff done. To get long-winded: it's not really done, just done enough for now. All we need before we really finish it is Baby L., a little more laundry, a few things moved once we get our new furniture moved in, and I think that's it. We've been working on getting the house ready (I think I mentioned Nic has started nesting, even if she hasn't admitted it). There just seems to be a lot to do.

That brings me to the next paragraph (nice transition English teacher). Wow, there's a lot to do. We had a little picture of our future selves thanks to the Hartz family. We visited them (as well as the Siebrechts) this weekend, and baby Paige Hartz, in Des Moines. Nicole even got to practice diapers and bathing. I deferred. I will get to it soon enough I feel (I'm not scared... well maybe a little). Thankfully, Paige slept all night. 

*Digression* I have been waking up a lot at night lately. Not just because of my dog, but just naturally. Sometimes Nic is up for obvious reasons, other times I'm just awake. But the thing that really gets me is the fact that I'm waking up on my own by 7am, even weekends. Either my body is preparing me, or I'm getting old. And just a reminder, my birthday is two weeks away. *End Digression*

We have four weeks to go. Howie is finally starting to get that something is happening. I think he'll be okay. He loves to lie on the footstool of Nic's glider in the nursery; I see no problem in that. The monitors are situated around the room, the new furniture is coming Friday (I'm out of school Thursday), and I finally am starting to realize how amazingly special and wonderful my life is about to change. 

                                                Nicole at 36 weeks (after a hard day of work).


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