How bout Howie?

If you know our dog at all, you know he is an attention whore (who can't read, so won't be offended by this) and is spoiled as all hell. Seriously, he chirp-barks when all the food in his bowl goes to one side and of course one of his crazy parents comes running to fill it to the top so he can continue chomping down on Nutro (no, we couldn't just go w/ the generic pet food brand). He also does his "business" separately...wants outside to pee and then a minute after eating his treat is at the door again wanting to drop off his Tootsie rolls on the lawn. Sometimes he gets two treats...point Howie. His grandma doesn't help his cause. While on a walk this past weekend, she carried him up a hill because "he looked tired." He's a dog! OK, so he's part teddy bear too. Anyway, several people have been asking how Howie will handle it when we bring Baby Lindquist home. I speculate that he will want nothing to do w/ her until she learns to throw his turtle or has peanut butter on her hands. He'll probably give her the stink eye once in a while, but I think he'll be glad his puppy daddy and mom are not putting him in clothes, a swaddle blanket or diaper. Yes, we've done all three. Proof:

I thought he took it surprisingly well and I was equally impressed by Rob's diapering skills of a dog. I digress. No matter how Howie handles Baby Lindquist's takeover, we will still treat him like the precious pup that he is and do our best to make sure he knows how much he's loved. He'll thank us later when he has the world's cutest playmate to chase him in the backyard. Can't wait to introduce them for the first time. Yes, there will be video. 5 more weeks!

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