who needs sleep?

4:42... that's what time i woke up this morning... starving mind you. so i stumbled downstairs, ate a Special K bar, which brings me to 21, 866 special K bars for my lifetime, and logged on to facebook. a half an hour later i'm wondering do i go back to bed or just find something to do for the next hour. back to bed it is as soon that won't be an option. 5 months from today baby lindquist will be here. it kind of hit me yesterday, i'm going to be a mom, a MOM! i can't wait to meet this little person inside of me...what will he or she's personality be like, will he/she have hair...so many questions. it's been fun asking my mom what pregnancy was like for her...until she told me she gained close to 60 pounds...not cool mom, not cool. so far i've gained 5-7, i'm hoping the other 20-30 fills out my "golden globes" as someone put it the other night. before i sign off and go back to bed, i just want to say how much i love the show Kendra with kendra and hank. i'll leave out the part about bawling when i watched the baby episode recently. when you're preggers it's fun to identify with other pregnant ladies and for some reason i'm fascinated with her. and so since i look like shit at 5:39 a.m., you're getting a picture of her and the handsome hank. enjoy. and goodnite. again.

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