I am loved.

so Rob sends me a text last night that says "i got ya a present. love ya" no offense to him, but this typically means he did the dishes or put a load of laundry in. which i might add is all the present i need :) when i get him a present, it's usually from the dollar spot at Target or involves M&Ms. anyway, so imagine my surprise when he gets home and whips out a box from helzberg...WHAT? not expecting that...it's not my birthday or our anniversary and too early for Valentine's day. i opened it up and saw what you see here. tears welled in my eyes when i read the inscription on the heart. "i am loved" it says and that's exactly how i felt. happy 20 weeks of pregnancy he told me. it's emotional because we're halfway there and still it's hard for me to believe. still haven't felt jr.'s kicks and because i read too much on the internet, i constantly worry about something or the other going wrong. it's so nice to have my husband appreciate what i'm doing not just physically, but emotionally and mentally. i used to think pregnancy meant giving up booze and getting a cute belly out of the deal. i learned really quickly that it's hard. you have to worry about something bigger than yourself. so to know that i am loved and be reminded of it when i look down at my wrist makes it all a little easier. and if men wore bracelets, rob would have one that said "i am loved back."


  1. So sweet, what a wonderful story. He or she will be kicking in no time! You know you're a momma now-- you're worrying. :)

  2. I think I cheated a little - I mean, it is really easy to get her to tear up right now, so I could have done dishes and it would have got the same reaction ;)