Things that make me go :)

If ever there was a time that the world could use a smile, it's now. So I give you 9 things that made me turn my frown upside down this past month.

#1) Dubsmash. Five-year-old Faith is a lip-synching sensation. Check out our favorites and download the app to get your Milli Vanilli on. 

It started with this: 

And has spiraled into a 4 part series. 

It made me think of my own awkward moment that happened recently. My husband and I got up to leave a wedding and my cousin across the table rose at the same time. I thought he was coming to hug us goodbye but as he got closer I realized he was just heading outside to smoke a cigarette. Realizing this, I abandoned the hug by pivoting around on my heels, but he was already too far committed. He ended up putting me in a chokehold as we told each other goodbye. Hilarious now. Awkward as hell at the time. 

#3) My nephew. Seriously, I was nervous to suddenly become the mom of three when my sister asked me to babysit her 10-month-old overnight. I had visions of no sleep and crying (mainly me) and lots of diaper changes. But this kid ate better, slept better and behaved better than both my children. And he only pooped once on my watch. Well, not "on" my watch, but I digress. This bodes well for my #3kidssomeday campaign.

I will have this on standby all weekend.

#5) Girl time. 
What do you get when you cross craft beer, flowers and time with friends? A buzzed, happy mama with a Thanksgiving centerpiece! Note: If you take a designer to an event like this, know that yours will be the 2nd best at best.

#6) The Holderness family. Seriously, I want their life. Jello?

#7) Healthy kids. I know this one is obvious, but with the toddler's recent sickness, I was reminded to be grateful. Her spunky little personality goes missing when she has a fever, so I was happy to see it return this week.

#8) The Nutcracker. Men in tights = Heck. Yes! I'd never seen a ballet before, unless you count Faith's performance in a Mickey Mouse themed recital when she was all of three years old. While that was adorable, the Nutcracker's costumes and sheer number of performers were amazing. And those ballerinas on their toes --- dayum! Faith's favorite part was not the sugar plum fairy, but "when the rat queen came."  

Photo from Ballet Nebraska's website.
#9) Ready for this one? It's you. Yeah, you, for reading all the way through this post. Someone I barely see/hear from told me recently that she enjoyed one of my blog posts. Comments like this or on Facebook make my day. So take a good long look in the mirror and know that you make me smile. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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