The Gift of Gab

Now that Gabby is talking in sentences, it's time for her very first "That's What She Said" post. It can also serve as a translation guide if you find yourself with her without her translator (aka Rob, me or Faith.) I kid, slightly, but we're definitely at the age where Gabs knows exactly what she wants and sometimes we have a hard time interpreting. Other times, we hear her loud and clear. Like these times:

"Higofaify" = Here you go, Faith.

"Haaaayyy" = Don't take that away from me/Let me do what I want.

Gabby: Ahbud.
Me: What?
Gabby: Ahbud!
Me: You bite?
Gabby: Ah-bud!!!
Me: iPad?
Gabby: (nods emphatically!)

Gabby: Buhdy.
Me: What?
Gabby: Buhdy!
Me: Booty?
Rob: (from another room) She wants Birdie!
Me: Birdie?
Gabby: (nods emphatically)

Gabby: (upon walking into daycare) "Hi, Marsha!"

Gabby: (upon leaving the basement) "Bye, money." (to her play money)

Gabby: "Howie, NO!" (this is a common phrase in our household)

"mm" = M&M

"Nack" = Snack, pronto.

"Boppop" = dum dum sucker.

"Binky" = Binky! (so sad we have to get ride of this bad boy soon)

"ABCD" = for any and all letters on anything (She can READ!)

Gabby: Why?
Me: Because (fill in the blank)
Gabby: Why?
Me: Because (fill in the blank)
Gabby: Why?
Me: Because Johnson's likes babies. (This is something my mom used to say to me all the time growing up!)

"Shoose" = Shoes, and I want to put them on myself, so don't try to help me or I will freak out.

Muk = Milk
Wawa = Water
Crying = I want what Faith has.

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