The day the earth stood still... again.

Wow, barely the title and the seasonal allergies are already flaring up. Whew. I at least made it to the first sentence with The day the earth stood still.

Hello Gabby. This is my formal introduction of you to the rest of the world. I want your mom (I call her Nic) to have the chance to tell the birth story of how you were brought into the world (there are some funny parts, obviously). But I wanted to let you know just how much we already know about you.

It's funny, because with your big sister, your mom and I were deer in headlights. We didn't know what to do, what was coming next, or even what...

Quick pause. I just got to pick you up again: Mom needed a nap! I know you can't tell, but I'm now typing one-handed.

... or even what we didn't know! And with you, we get to really enjoy you. We get to stare at you. Mom held you for an hour-and-a-half before I got to... but I'm okay with that!

We loved our experience with Faith, and we are still in the hospital, and we love it with you for different reasons.

First, let me just tell you that your mom and I had a little debate with your name. But when I was calling people to let them know of your arrival, I had to stop on each one just so I didn't cry over the phone (that doesn't mean I didn't cry every time tried saying it). I think Gabrielle Grace is a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. Just ask any of your grandparents, I was a mess.

You also have had many visitors. And you are very generous to all of them. You haven't fussed, you're generally very content. And you're rocking all of your standardized tests (as a teacher, I'll let you know more about this stuff later).

We are so blessed to have you, your sister, and our little family (and just wait til you get home and meet your "brother" Howie; Faith will show you all of his tricks).


Proof of what you're stuck with
PS - if someday you're reading this on your own (crap, tears again), you know by now that I'm a huge geek. You'd better get used to it. People will know you, and feel like they've always known you, because you are a special person, and your mom and dad are writers by trade.


  1. Welcome to this crazy world Gabby!! I can't wait to meet you!! Your parents are amazing people who will take great care of you. They will teach you how to be goofy and also how to handle this world we live in. You have one fantastic big sister, she may be bossy at times while growing up, but she means well and loves you!! Nic & Rob I'm so excited for you guys. Hartz told me last night that Gabby was here and I teared up. I'm so excited for your new little family. Love you both!! Nik

  2. What a great post. You sure know how to bring on the water works, don't you Rob? ;) She's so lucky to have you guys as parents. Congrats again. MUCH love to all!
    -Summer and Luke

  3. Nikki - Thank you! We are anxiously awaiting your new arrival here shortly too! We'll have to figure out a way to get together (said Captain Obvious).

    Summer - What can I say, I have a gift. Well, I don't, but thank you!