Yeah, she really said that.

To the woman at the title company while I signed paperwork: "Wanna see my boogers?"

Faith: "Knock Knock."
Mom and Dad: "Who's there?"
Faith: "Faithy."
Us: "Faithy Who?"
Faith: "I'm heeeeere."

Me: (after singly an annoying Bert and Ernie song very poorly)
"Ugh. That song is stuck in my head."
Faith: "That song is stuck in my arm."

Faith: (anytime she doesn't get her way)
"You're makin' me cry."
"You hurt my feelins."

Faith: (playing pretend) "Mom, would you like some ice cream?"
Me: "Yes! I'd love some ice cream."
Faith: "OK, maybe tomorrow."
(Guessing we've said this to her too many times...)

Me: Faith, can I have one of your special hugs?
Faith: "No, I don't have any hugs. I have kisses though."

"Then I went to the pink and purple bum bum (dum dum) store. And there were pink and purple bum bums (go figure). And I didn't make a mess."

Rob: "My birthday is coming up. What are you gonna get me?"
Faith: (pause) A BIG, FLUFFY BUNNY!

To the cashier at Target wearing a headscarf: "Whachu got on your head?"

Me: (telling Faith the story of me getting pulled over by the po-po for speeding)
"Then I pulled over like this. I was going 15 over."
Faith: "I got pulled over too!"
Me: "How much were you going over the speed limit?"
Faith: (makes a triangle with her fingers)

Kids. Sometimes they make no sense.

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