Two Year Olds Say the Darndest Things

Me: "Faith, did you make this mess?"
Faith: "Nooooo."
Me: "Then who did?"
Faith: "......Howie!"

Faith: (throwing her arm around my neck) "We're moobie stars!"

Faith: (after arriving home and finding the house "show ready")
"Hey, where'd everything go?"

Rob: "Bye, Faith."
Faith: "Bye. Watch out for the silly gumball." (runs away) (runs back) "And the seamonster."

Me: "Who's your Valentine, Faith?"
Faith: "Ummmmmm, Cami!" (Cameryn is her cousin :)

Faith: (to everyone she meets) "Don't talk with food in your mouth."

Faith (after bumping a body part every so slightly onto a hard object)
"IIIIIII neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed a bandaaaaaaaaaaaiiiidd."

Faith (every morning): "Can I watch a little cartoon? Just a little one?"

While reading Wacky Wednesday
Me: "What's wacky on this page?"
Faith: "Candy cane!"
Me: "And when do we eat candy canes?" (thinking she'd say "Christmastime.")
Faith: "On Saturday!" (It just so happened to be Saturday.)

During a scary part of Wreck-It Ralph...
Faith: "I hate this movie! I wanna watch my Barbie movie." (loud enough for the whole theatre to hear)

Faith came into our room at 2 a.m. the other night. I let her sleep in bed with us, but since she was only giving me about 6 inches of space and I take up room for 2 people, I went downstairs to sleep on the couch. Rob put her back in her bed at 5 a.m. At 6 a.m., she ran into our room and pulled back the sheets looking for me and said:
"What'd you do with my mom?"

Faith: "Dad, can I have one more ride?"
Me: "Maybe it would help if you said the p-word."
Faith: (looks at me, looks at her dad) "P-word."

And a special video edition of two-year-old say the darndest things:

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