24 things: December photo edition

This is Faith's thinking pose. She likes to pull down the cushion backs of the couch, set up her "birthday cakes" and then fall off the couch and hope we catch her.
Laundry basket rides are a hit in our house. Rob's biceps are a testament.
Just reading the Lion King and enjoying a bum bum on Christmas Eve.
Faith's love for/ love for bothering Howie is at an all time high right now.

Could Howie's ability to play dead have anything to do with the picture above?
More thorough post to come, but this is the last pic we have of Faith and the infamous "binky." It's fitting how pissed off she looks.
We made Christmas cookies. Faith tried to eat all the dough.
We went outside to play. Faith tried to eat all the snow. I'm sensing a theme here.
Just an ordinary night at home.
This is my "front porch lookin' in" shot. If you haven't heard that song, you're missing out!
Fun on a snow day at my hair's expense.
Gimme an H-A-M!
Wearing her favorite nightgown and eating her favorite snack.
Faith and Cami enjoying "Rise of the Guardians" in unison. Yes, she ate the whole box!
Faith and Cami playing horsey with the basketball hoop.
Faith to Cami right after she sat down: "Hey! Get off my cowboy!"
Girl needs more country music in her life!
This kid loves her some Santa!
Going a little Clark Griswold on her new princess castle.
My two favorite bucketheads!
If you don't leave a kid alone for five minutes, they can't put their nightgown on inside out, on only the bottom half of their legs.

Not sure who's more interested in Clifford the Big Red Dog...

Random pregnant food shot. The Cheeseball burger from the Tap House in Omaha.

Yes, I ate this. After taking a Prilosec.

My 16 week bump.
My 18 week bump. The growth couldn't possibly have anything to do with the pictures above.
Pretty sure it's all baby. Speaking of baby, I owe baby a blog post of his/her own. Coming soon!

Til next time...

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