Faithisms The Sequel

Faith: (two inches from Howie's face) "Howie, it's your sister. I right here."
Howie: (not having it)

(later that day, in the car)
Me: "Good job, Honey."
Faith: "I not honey. I Howie's sister!"

Faith: "What's my name?"
Me: "Faithy Janna Lindquist."
Faith: "That's me...That's my name...Faithy Janna Lindquist Janna."

Our neighbors rented a princess-themed bouncy castle for their daughter's 8th birthday. Upon not seeing it in their yard the next day...
Faith: "Where'd the princess house go?" (100 times)

Faith: "Mommy have a tall butt. Faithy have a short butt."

Me: "Do you like the Cyclones?"
Faith: (nods, then pauses) "I like da Hawkeyes too. I like bofa dem."
Me: (in my head) "Nooooooooo!" (Thanks alot, Papa Stevie).

Me: (singing the Hokey Pokey)
Faith: "Dat Gampa John's song."

Me: "What are you getting me for my birthday?"
Faith: (long pause) "Baby candles?"

Rob: (singing) "I wear my sunglasses at night."
Faith: (trying to sing) "I wear my sunglasses at home."

Rob: "Bye, Faith."
Faith: "Bye, Daddy Fairy." (Everyone is a princess fairy in our house regardless of gender.)

Til next time!

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