Two Year Olds Say the Darndest Things

I present to you...Faithisms.

Weird sayings call for weird pictures!

(While pointing to George Washington on a $1 bill) "Dat Jesus!"

"Don't be a goat!" (We have no idea where this came from.)

Me: "Faithy, do you have any brothers or sisters?" Faith: "My Howie!"

"I have a owie on my knee." (Subject + verb + direct object followed by a prepositional phrase = one happy journalism majoring mama.)

(As I was leaving an aisle in Target that Faith didn't want to leave) "Wadeaminutewadeaminutewadeaminute."

After leaving a wedding at a church last weekend, "Bye Bye, Jesus"

Faith got a baby for her birthday. She named the baby Susie. "Where baby Susie go? Baby Susie need a nap. Baby Susie want her binky."

"I go to a dirthday pawty."

Me: "Can Mommy have a cupcake?" Faith: "No, it's too hot."

(Everytime we put Faith in the car) "We go to Papa-Gammy's house?"

After meeting her Grandma Cindy's kitty cat, "BubbaJo BubbaJo BubbaJo" every time she sees a cat. To her credit, it is pretty fun to say.

Whenever we ask her a question she says, "Ummmm" and then the answer. Pretty funny.

She also says, "Mommy, peez help. I can't." Love the asking for help part, hate the word can't.

"Bye bye, have a gud day!"

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  1. You must add our eye doctor experience. When we were babysitting Faith we took her to Miranda's contact lens check up. Miranda was rattling off the letters of the alphabet..d...p...b..f...g....After several times of saying jumbled letters...Faith looks at me and sings matter-of-factly ...a...b..c...d...e...(like Miranda had it all wrong) too funny.