Faith's first spaghetti!

I posted some pictures of "The Spaghetti Experiment" on Facebook, but for those of you (my mom) who don't drink the Kool-aid, you can view them by clicking on those underlined, red words.

As a bonus to those who have suffered through the 98 posts that is this blog (maybe 99, I didn't use a calculator) I thought I would provide an extra "never-before-seen" picture for your viewing pleasure.

After Faith finished her spaghetti, I wiped her arms and face down so she didn't look like she tried to apply bronzer while drunk. I noticed that she was wet, so I removed her diaper. Not wanting to put another one on before I gave her a bath in five minutes, I placed her in her dad's lap while I took my last few bites of spaghetti. You can see where this is going...naked baby + one unsuspecting dad = Rob peed his pants.

This is his "I'm not amused" face.
Just kidding. He didn't, although Billy Madison says you ain't cool unless you do. Well, consider Faith Miles Davis.

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